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Why India need’s a Batman?

Why India needs batman

Why India needs a Batman Human brains are designed to survive and that’s why everyone runs the other way! Law’s don’t make a difference Crime rapes are increasing over the year’s even with strong law’s in place People are slaves to money and pleasure This is the root cause of all evil. Money and Pleasure can buy people in this world. Rapists and murderer’ don’t listen to words They are deeply mentally disturbed and are […]

Rapes in India | How to stop them?

Rapes in India | How to stop them

Rapes in India : An Insight 4 rapes/hour Do you know that more than 100 rapes happen in India per day? That is four rapes per hour! Lack of punishment  About 99% of rapists get away with their crimes! And less than 10% of the rapists who get caught, get a life sentence!  Acquiantence Rape Contrary to popular belief, 8 out of 10 rapes happen between people who know each other! Men are victims too! […]

11 Tips on how to focus better

focus better

XX Tips on focusing better Stop letting others dictate how you spend your time Can you believe that we humans only have an attention span of 8 seconds? And it is drastically decreasing to the point that many researchers are afraid that our generation would be the last ones to have this powerful tool called focus! So, how to focus better? In this world where we are continuously bombarded with multiple notifications the moment we […]


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