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backlink strategies

Backlink Strategies Ultimate list : OFF SITE SEO basically consist of two things: BACKLINKS  FACTORS: Quality of links  Relevance of those links Anchor text words Placements in page HIGH QUALITY LINKS:  M) BROKEN LINK BUILDING 1) FIND BROKEN LINKS AND REACH OUT I RECOMMEND THIS FREE TOOL: FOR CHECKING BROKEN LINKS WIKIPEDIA DEAD LINK METHOD : “keyword” intext: ”dead link” Put this in Google..  You will get pages with broken links Use these […]

ON PAGE SEO : An Ultimate List(2020)

on-page-seo- ultimate list

Did you know ? “57.8% of all website traffic originates from Google.” Here’s the ON PAGE SEO Ultimate list for you to use! TABLE OF CONTENT: ON PAGE SEO : AN ULTIMATE LIST Title Tags:  Meta Description (To increase click through rate- even in social media share) 150 characters Include Call to action in it URL OPTIMIZATION GUIDELINES: Avoid dynamic urls– the URLs that’s used for tracking purposes – they are really bad for SEO DO […]

Lessons from Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Lessons

“Success is what you attract by the person you become” Lessons from Jay Shetty :There are so many legends who have taught us time and time again to invest in our-self. To grow through pain and failure. To find our true purpose and meaning in life. To find happiness and fulfillment in this world. To get past the set-backs and the humiliations. To find our path and walk it. To learn to love our self […]


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