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CopyWriting Guide 2020| SMM Specialist

copywriting complete guide

Don’t save it for the last. Give them your best shot right away! This would be attention grabbing Say your strongest point thrice Have three CTAs in a page Use three links in emails! Have three opt-in forms in your page! This usually works very well! We live in a selfish society and people only care about their best interest. Use it in your adcopy: #1 service in this industry! Protect your best interest. You […]

Digital Marketing Newsletter|March 2020 (1)

Digital Marketing Newsletter

Digital Marketing Newsletter for this week is here! If you haven’t subscribed yet you can do so by clicking here If you would like to consume this in video format : Here you go Heard of HowTo Markup ?  Yeah if you have a how to article you can use this markup to get step-step rich results Now you can add images and videos for each steps! And Google allows you to test and preview […]

Digital Marketing Newsletter | February 2020

Digital Marketing Newsletter

Here’s a fact ” Digital Marketing is a very fast growing industry with loads of new updates and strategies being released every single day!” So, we help gather the important updates and news on digital marketing and publish them here! Hope this helps! Load speed significance : Each second contributes to 2% increase in conversion rates. There won’t be duplicate links for featured snippets anymore! Start optimizing for other search engine algorithm as well so […]


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