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You are not alone in this world

Success is what you attract by the person you become

My journey began the day I read this quote. We try so hard to get somewhere that we lose ourselves to get there? What's the purpose of that? What's the purpose of any of it at all? Money, Fame, Assets, Family, Love, Friends, Happiness, Satisfaction : Why can't we have them all? How do we find the balance? All these questions led me here. It led you here as well. I will help you in your journey.


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Sai S

I am sure every single person out there have been through some sort of a struggle that made them feel miserable . After all that's what makes us humans right? Well, being hurt and a loser is a stage that every person passes through. But some of us lose ourself in the process of finding peace in this world. I was one of those people. And I started this blog as a way to express my thoughts and emotions and it eventually became "bleeding hope"

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