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Digital Marketing News June 2020

Finding it hard to keep up with the Digital Marketing industry? I understand your frustrations! I was there! Here’s Digital Marketing News June 2020 Don’t create sitemaps manually for large websites : Get it from CMS directly Because pages are added and deleted often and doing this manually doesn’t make sense Google launches new podcast promising undocumented information : Disclose the unsaid words “Search Off the record” Google Core Web vitals :  Set of metrics […]


Rats Race

Tell me if you can relate with this statement/ feeling Here I am staring at the clouds wondering: How did I go from living 30 days a month to living 4 days a month?! Isn’t freedom the goal? And what’s the price I need to pay for freedom? Should I grind during my free time to build my side hustle?  Sacrifice the present completely for the hope of a free future? Wouldn’t that change me […]

Digital Marketing Newsletter April-May 2020

Digital Marketing Newsletter

Digital Marketing Newsletter : Here’s the new digital marketing news and updates that came out in the month of April- May Google might start capturing your face emotions to content soon This is not confirmed ofcourse. This might be a feature to.optimize for in the future! Enabling infinite scrolling can cause content to not be indexed! Because the bot doesn’t load the content until the user scrolls to the bottom This has led to alot […]


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