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Think Like a monk book lessons

Jay Shetty’s book “Think Like A Monk” really helped me in so many countless ways from identifying my personal values to understanding what passion and purpose is and it transformed the way I live. As in, from trying mediation to getting away from ego and judgement and negativity to actually being able to be grateful. This is mind opening in so many levels for me. Anyways these are my notes/ lessons I learnt from the […]

Romantic Things To Do | Cute Ideas to Fancy Dates

romantic things to do

Romantic Things to Do: Love just cannot be explained in a few words. It’s a deep and intense connection we share with another human being that is beyond our control.  What is this about romance and love that makes us feel like we are on the top of the world and satisfies a part of us that nothing else can. Right? Have you felt that? That unimaginable satisfaction and that dopamine rush that we all […]


social media marketing news

Social Media Marketing News : So we are all aware that the organic reach in any social media platform these days are awfully bad. It is almost impossible to grow without thinking out of the box and figuring something out or else we can also use paid ads to increase reach. And with every platform updating and evolving with algorithm changes, we need to stay up to date with the news to stay ahead of […]


seo news and updates

SEO News and Updates: SEO is an every changing and evolving industry. Just until a few years ago, link building was easy! Now look at us? Only natural link building is accepted and as google is getting smarter and so many engagement metrics and alot more factors that we aren’t even aware of! Added to that now there’s so much competition. So many blogs are being released every single day and there are thousands and […]

SEO Techniques | Double Website Traffic, Leads and Conversion’s

SEO techniques to double traffic and leads

  There are two levels to measuring metrics/setting goals when it comes to SEO.  First we see the foundational metrics : the metrics that would see an positive impact when you have done the foundational work.  Foundational SEO metrics: Number of ranking keywords Number of keywords in which your pages are in the top 10 Number of Referring domains ( I prefer to measure domains than backlinks : shows diversity and quality)  Page speed If […]


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