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landing page optimization

Website optimization : Without properly implementing this, your visitors might not convert atall! Here’s a huge list of landing page and blog page optimization elements that you need to include to improve conversions and grow! Ways to improve trust: HAVING VIDEOS: If you are there explaining about the product or service or the page in a video : this would increase trust tremendously! TRUST SEALS: Most popular : Norton , verisign and McAfee secure Badge/Logo […]

Here’s where feminist fuck up:

feminism fucked up

Here’s what wrong : “Most men aren’t a fan of feminists and most woman aren’t a fan of men. They often consider all men criminals and much more.” Whenever anyone hears about a sexual harassment story or a rape case, they get angry and naturally we want to blame and attack. If we can’t think straight when we are under alot of emotions and just react to our impulses, how are we different from the […]


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