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Growth Hacking Complete Playbook

growth hacking complete playbook

What is growth hacking?  Getting the maximum results with min time When you start a company of a startup : The first thing they need is. Growth Hacker whose only true goal is growth. Growth Hacker is a little different than a marketer as marketers has many goals! Innovative way to find growth! WRITE ABOUT WAYS TO GROW OTHER GROUPS AS WELL! PRE-LAUNCH EMAIL LIST: HOST A GIVE AWAY AND PARTNER WITH INFLUENCER! Companies build […]


youtube marketing strategies

This is just the table of content! i know that’s a huge list of strategies! Let’s jump into the content shall we? Download the guide if you want to read offline! This is the most important thing that people don’t pay attention to First , Know your seed keywords These are the broad keywords that people use  Now find long tail for these seed keywords Use YouTube suggest ( Autofill) Or keyword Go to […]

Organic Social Media Marketing Strategies

organic social media marketing strategies

Getting organic reach online has become extremely tough these days because the social media platforms want us to spend money on ads! So, I was wondering how one could actually get significant reach and following organically and started researching! Here’s a list of practical strategies that actually works! Heres a fact : 61% of people tell their friends and family about their positive experience with a brand  Brand takeovers can be valuable to both of […]

Facebook Ads Conversions Playbook

faceboo ads conversions playbook

Advertising without a plan or a strategy is like throwing expensive flyers into the wind hoping someone would catch it! Don’t make that mistake! If you are having troubles with coming up with a proper facebook ads strategy, other than running the basic traffic ads and waiting for conversions, you are in the right place! First let’s look into facebook ads optimization: When we run an ad : We need to monitor certain metrics to […]


Feeling Stuck

“Most people die at 25 but are not buried until 75” Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you punch, you just can’t break the odds? Like you are stuck in a hole from which you are unable to climb out of?  Like giving up all hope of progress and growth? Would you believe me if I said that most people feel this way very often? But here’s the good news. Some people […]


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