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SEO news 2021 (1)

SEO News and Updates 2021 : Keep Up with the SEO News!

November- December 2021 Roundup : ON SITE : Bolded text can help SEO Bolded text will help google understand the content better Sudden drop in discovery traffic?  Website quality issues Google discover content policies (Have contact details, author bylines, affiliate relationships should be mentioned and transparency in author details)  Brand Mentions : Are not important […]

Drop in domain authrity article

Drop in Domain Authority? 2022 Checklist

TABLE OF CONTENT Overview Domain authority is a metric that’s widely accepted as the SEO strength of a website. There might not be any direct correlation between the domain authority and the organic performances of the website always.  In my experience as an SEO I have seen domain authority drop for various reasons  Reduction in […]

WordPress Security | WordPress Security Plugins

Is WordPress Secure? | WordPress Security Plugins:

TABLE OF CONTENT WordPress is an amazing free platform for anyone to host and start a website fromĀ  scratch and develop profitable online business from it. But most of Word press’s competitors claim that the main problem with WordPress is the security issues that comes with it. So is WordPress really safe? Yes! Personally I […]

seo career tips digital marketing (1)

SEO Career Tips | Digital Marketing Career (2022)

Wishing to start your career in search engine optimization or wondering how it would be like in this industry, you are in the right place.  Let’s explore all the potential factors that one would consider while choosing a career and we’ll rate it out of five down below so you’ll get a clear idea if […]


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