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Growth Hacking Complete Playbook

growth hacking complete playbook

What is growth hacking?  Getting the maximum results with min time When you start a company of a startup : The first thing they need is. Growth Hacker whose only true goal is growth. Growth Hacker is a little different than a marketer as marketers has many goals! Innovative way to find growth! WRITE ABOUT WAYS TO GROW OTHER GROUPS AS WELL! PRE-LAUNCH EMAIL LIST: HOST A GIVE AWAY AND PARTNER WITH INFLUENCER! Companies build […]


email marketing

Some Facts : It is 5 times harder to get a new customer than to retain a old one! Each of your customer receives 121 emails everyday. GIVEAWAY CONTENT AFTER LONG BLOG POST: Why give away only one piece of content? Why not 10? 15? 20? The more the better ! EMAIL AUTOMATED COURSES: Email Automated courses / Any sort of e-learning would be extremely useful for you to collect leads VIDEO EMBED’S: WEBINARS: In […]


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