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SEO vs Paid search (1)

SEO Vs Paid Search (PPC) | An in-depth analysis (2022)

TABLE OF CONTENT When we talk about building a business online and growing our website traffic, SEO and paid search (PPC) are the major sources we tend to rely on.  Both search engine optimization and running google ads campaigns can be beneficial and has the potential to bring in 1000s of interested buyers to our […]

Local SEO Tips and Techniques (1)

Local SEO Tips and Techniques | SEO Guide | Bleeding Hope

If you are a business owner looking to capture the local market with your products and services local SEO is an essential step in improving exposure, reach an brand awareness digitally What is Local SEO? Creating a Google my business page and listing your business type, timings and services you offer would help local audience […]

importance of website

Importance of Website for Business | Advantages of Website

TABLE OF CONTENT: When thinking about starting a business, the most important thing that everyone thinks about is the product or the service and how much profits we can make.  But when it comes to marketing the product or the service, a lot has changed over the years.  If you already aren’t aware of the […]


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