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  • Heard of HowTo Markup ? 
  • Featured snippets update problem:
    • Basically : now with the update : You can be in either of one places
      • Featured snippets or
      • Organically in top 3
      • Not both
    • Now for some queries, it helps to be in featured snippets and for some it doesn’t!
    • So, three ways to prevent featured snippets
      • Add No snippet meta tag
      • Use data no snippet meta tag : 
      • Max snippet tag : To prevent featured snippets but allow normal snippets
  • New term alert : NEGATIVE SEO:
    • If someone is taking actions that could negatively affect your website
    • Two possible ways:
      • Posting your links in spammy sites
      • Scraping your content and posting it everywhere 
    • So keep monitoring!
  • Google discourages repetitive use of FAQ structured markup
    • What does it mean?
      • Don’t use the same FAQ for every single page
  • Heres a fact : Pintrest reaches 60% of US woman
    • Popular for Travel and life advice
  • Here’s another fact : Amazon “Sponsored product ads” are rising in price
    • These are keyword based ads like Google search campaigns.
  • Let’s talk about popups 
    • Here’s a fact : A high performing popups convert around 10%. So yeah popups are essential!
    • But intrusive Pop-Ups  can drop your rankings !
    • Here’s some tips:
      • Slide ins and banners that only cover 15% of screen is considered OK
      • Time them : Don’t show it as soon as the user enters : Maybe at the end
      • Make them easier to close : Or automatically close them 
      • Exit intent popups : That are triggered when people exit : Aren’t considered bad!
      • You can use intrusive interstitials on desktop! Just not on mobiles!
      • You can use such intrusive interstitials in non organic traffic!
  • Excessive pagination can affect your rankings
    • Here’s a tip : Make sure every single page on your website is one to three clicks away from homepage 
    • What is pagination?
      • Over categorizing your articles : Having Categories within categories and each filled with aloot of articles!
  • Here’s a fact : Schema markups is not a direct ranking factor!
  • Technical and ON SITE SEO are rarely enough!
    • The two most important SEO signals:
      • Content Quality
      • Authority (Links)
    • So focus on that more than these!
  • No-follows won’t be ignored anymore:
    • Before you get excited : We now have three attributes
      • No follow
      • UGC : User generated content
      • Sponsored 
    • Google states that ” No follows would now be treated as hints as to which pages to index”
    • Here : UGC and sponsored attributes are considered as hints!
  • Backlink intersect tools : A new method?
    • What to do? Find common Backlinks in your competitors
    • Once you find them : Strategize to get them!


  • Here’s a new strategy
    • Direct contact (Phone, email, LinkedIn) the companies you mention in your blog
    • Referral traffic : Write posts for other websites.
  • Here’s a tip : On how to include social proof in your blog
    • Author bio section : Make sure you include all the things you achieved / mentions from big brands and whatnot.
    • Explain about you and why you are an expert
    • Send a draft of the post you want to publish
    • Add references : Links to your previous work
    • Score points by appreciating their previous blogs/work!


  • Facebook Updated best practices for business messaging:
    • Reply ASAP 
    • Keep it short and sweet!
    • Use message tags to personalize your messages
    • Use sponsored messages to promote to your engaged audiences
    • Provide actual value
  • Linkedin will soon have Instagram like story features!
  • Tik Tok profile links : Now some Tik Too users can add profile links 
  • Twitters official advice on writing content
    • Stay away from CAPS : sounds like shouting
    • Go easy on hashtags : If you want them to click on your links
    • Use % offers than $ offers
    • Use website cards :
  • YouTube now lets you compare analytics side by side :
    • Just go to channel analytics → See More
  • You don’t necessarily need a sitemap:
    • Google has no problems finding and crawling your page unless
      • Your site is large
      • It has alot of isolated pages
      • The site is new and is often updated
    • But there’s no harm in having a sitemap.
  • Twitter announces a story like feature called : Fleet ( Testing Inn Brazil)


  • Targeted blasting :
    • Most people blast offers in their email list
    • The right way : Segment your audience and blast targeted offers.


  • Start using trust seals : For trust!
    • Most popular : Norton , verisign and McAfee secure
  • Use guarentess
    • Here’s a fact : 68 % of people abandon their cart
    • Why? Because they aren’t confident about their buying decision
    • Guarentess: Money back policy/ product exchange policy/ Refund policy should be there
    • Also : make your guarentess strong because most people are guarentee blinded 



  • Sometimes, using Google AdSense do monetize your blog isn’t a great idea.
  • Networks offering contextual advertising: 
    • Chitika
    • Infolinks


  • What is growth hacking
    • Getting the maximum results with mim time
  • 4 stages :
    •  Acquisition, Activation, Retention, revenue , referral (AARRR)
  • Strategies :
    • Go viral : 
      • Referral M: Drop box story
      • Integrate with big player : PayPal + EBAY
    • Ask less (Activation):
      • Activation is the first meaning action a user does in our website : mostly becoming a lead
      • 96% of people visiting your website aren’t ready to buy from you
      • Tips:
        • Ask less in opt ins
        • Have live chats
        • Don’t ask for credit card
        • Answer all their questions! (FAQ, Video)
    • Be kind : Giveaways (Retention)
      • You can give info away for free
      • But limit the amount of freemiums like
        • Limiting downloads
        • Set a limit on something for free users : So they convert!
    • Referral marketing :
      • Use referrals : Like Dropbox did
      • Come up with a system : with each REFERAL/ share : people get points that they can use to buy something of value!
    • Create a irresistible offer:
      • How to do it?
      • Feedbacks : 
        • 33% of businesses don’t collect feed backs : feedbacks makes your product better
      • Proper customers :
        • 3:1 should be the ratio of your customer lifestyle value and cost per acquisition

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