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Here’s a fact

” Digital Marketing is a very fast growing industry with loads of new updates and strategies being released every single day!”

So, we help gather the important updates and news on digital marketing and publish them here!

Hope this helps!



  • Load speed significance : Each second contributes to 2% increase in conversion rates.
  • There won’t be duplicate links for featured snippets anymore!
  • Start optimizing for other search engine algorithm as well so you won’t miss out on any opportunities
    • Why?
      • Because Google market shares have gone down from 91 to 87% in search engine shares
      • People are opting out 
    • Take aways :
      • Focus on social media shares as well
  • Stop keyword stuffing : Now search engines understand user intent!
    • Matches pages to intent
  • FAQ : Schema markup is extremely useful!
    • Use schema markup generator!
  • JS rendering :
    • Basics : Crawl – Index – Rank 
    • Indexing has two steps
      • The first wave : Indexes basic HTML
      • Second wave : Renders JS
    • So more JS files you have : The longer it takes to load! 
    • More details : 
  • Find spammy links : on your webpage 
    • Use a add-on called link grabber (Chrome add on)
  • Backlink outreach method:
    • DM in LinkedIn the webmaster or the SEO of the company
  • Now : Google Search Console would send alerts if there’s a spike in traffic
  • Did you know? Now, your WhatsApp group invites are indexed by Google
    • Makes sense right? Anything that’s “publicly available” is indexed by Google!
  • Mobile first Indexing to be implemented to all within a year : implies crawlers crawls in mobile viewers perspective to index a site.
  • Avoid Blog Commenting : 
    • Can be used to build awareness in your niche and increase traffic
    • But cannot be used for link building : Google actually listed it in actions to avoid.
  • Guest post penalties:
    • If there’s unnatural links in guest posts : Google started issuing penalties
    • Sponsored links or paid guest posts should be no followed : else there’s a penalty in that as well.
  • Profile cards
    • Now you can fill out profile cards in Google 
      • For someone to be able to find you online!
      • But it’s not allowed to be used as self promotion!
  • Matt koval is appointed as YouTube Liaison : He basically addresses issues to make user experience better!
  • 50% of Google searches are zero click searches : Implies people don’t click on any links!
    • Solution is : Long tail keyword strategies!
  • Increase customer reviews tactics :
    • 82% read online reviews for local businesses
    • Get email details : Follow up for a review after a week
    • In store placards : to encourage them to review!
    • Verbally ask for a feedback : 
    • Have review reminders on website:
    • Reply to all reviews!



  • 41% of all marketing budget is spent on content
  • Extremely important to know what content works for your business. Double down on that.
  • Three types of content : Start at the bottom of the funnel
    1. First type : To show them why they need what you are selling
    2. Second type : To show them why you are the best at what you are selling
    3. Third type : A little nudge that people need to buy from you
  • Start at the bottom :
    1. What’s that little nudge ?
      • Prices, Testimonals, reviews 
      • Factors behind that price : they’ll understand the value then.
  • 3 Video creation tips :
    1. Start with a punchline : To grab attention
    2. Say one complete but specific story!
    3. Get clear with your ask : Don’t create a objectiveless video!
    4. Example links:
  • You must understand the functional, emotional and social outcome that customers expect from your product
  • 10 effective copywriting tips:
    1. Make them experience the story you tell!
      • Use metaphors : The singer had a velvet voice!
      • Use strong verbs! : He slammed his fist on the table!
    2. Open loops : When you leave your readers with a curious mind : you just opened a loop. 
      • And every open loops needs to be closed
      • Usually headlines serves as open loops
      • But you should add openloops all over your blog to make them hooked in
    3. The rule of three : Ideas/ concepts presented in three are more interesting, humourous and enjoyable
      • I just did that here .. did you realize?
      • A German, A Englishman and an Australian walk into a bar
      • Humans recognize such pattern in their brains
    4. Deliberate repetition:  Deliberate repetition makes speeches/ content more powerful
      • Just do it speech! 
    5. Start with a punch , end with a kick : 
      • People tend to remember the intro and conclusions more!
      • So make sure to start with a proper hook 
      • And end with a small conclusion of actionable tips!
    6. Use short first sentences :
      • 55% of people only read your content for 15 seconds!
      • So shkrt sentences and clear subheadings are important
    7. Be clear than clever:
      • Ads in-between superbowl is clever and entertaining 
      • But it’s not clear atall : So not sales revenue!
      • You deliver a clear message!
      • Active voice – Short sentences – simple words
    8. Use audience language:
      • Their inside jokes
      • Their own language
      • Understand their
        • Pain
        • Goals
        • Obstacle



  • Micro Influencers : They have super engagement. And they have very specific niche audience.
  • Live streams: Are a better way to interact with your audience. Answer their questions.
  • 46% of people unfollow you, if you just keep posting the same kinda content
  • So here’s 22 social media content types 
  • Your social media content should be like a TV series. 
    • Should have some sort of continuity!
  • 5 psychology tips for social media:
    • Reciprocation : People have a need to pay back when u provide value.
      • Like, follow , repost and reshare customer posts
    • Social proof : When people are unsure they look at others to know what’s the right thing
      • Get influencers and micro Influencers to review your product !
    • Liking: people are more likely to say yes if they like your brand(you)
      • Understand your audience: what they like , what they respond to, what’s their interest and pain. 
      • Post things that relates with those! 
    • Authority: People listen to authoritative figures!
      • So establish yourself to be authoritative in your field.
    • Scarcity : People value things more when they realize they can’t have it anytime they want!
      • So have member only, limited time offers, and so on.
  • Kicksta : Is a organic Instagram tool to increase your reach and followers and it starts at $49 
  • LinkedIn : LinkedIn now let’s you showcase your work as “featured in” section
    • Your profile → Featured section → Add featured!



86% of people actually open their normal mail. So MailChimp now has a plan for you to send physical postcards to your audiences!



  • Live chat : is compulsory
    • Need to understand people’s problems 
    • And solves their problem.
    • 12-20% of sales comes from this.
  • Increase Upsells and downsells : For e-commerce.
  • Use exit popups
    • With proper offers. 
    • Or with a free something to collect email leads



  • Brand identity : For the customers to be able to relate with you. 
  • BRAND MESSAGING: ( The way you message your customers)
    • Know your target audience → what do they care about?
    • Have a unique value preposition → how are you different from you Competitors.
  • Brand storytelling:
    • Only proper way to differentiate from competition
    • You create a narrative : to explain what you stand for. 
      • To show you are not just here to sell.
      • Something that the customers “wants to be a part of”.
    • Questions : To answer “why you exist”
      • What’s your reason for being?
      • What’s your history?
      • Who are your main characters
      • What’s your corporate mission?
      • How have your failed?
      • Where are your gaps?



  • Leverage different platforms : From messaging via phone , push notifications, chatbot offer promotion to Facebook messenger.
  • Personalization : is extremely important for customer retention. Trust me it goes a long way.
    • Why is it important?
      • Gets you contacts that can make you money/ give you endless knowledge
      • You might even improvise on your ideas
      • Contacts equals money
    • Networking Tips:
      • Preconnect:
        • Connect with people way before the event even starts
        • Don’t sell them anything. Don’t let them sell you anything. Just connect!
        • Connections would multiply!
      • Don’t sell
        • Just connect : let them like and trust you
        • They might remember and refer you in the future.


  • Use “Customer data platform” : It remembers what the customer bought and then suggests related products as ads.
  • There’s a platform called Drip : Specifically designed for email marketing for e-commerce

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