“Most people die at 25 but are not buried until 75”

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you punch, you just can’t break the odds?

Like you are stuck in a hole from which you are unable to climb out of? 

Like giving up all hope of progress and growth?

Would you believe me if I said that most people feel this way very often?

But here’s the good news. Some people actually do move ahead no matter what life throws at them!

How do they do it?

Well, it’s their habits that help them navigate through life. 

Let’s look at the habits that you must bury in order for you to get out of the hole you are struck in.


We all have been there. Right?

Things get bad. Nothing goes as expected. There’s always a problem. Feelings get hurt. Everything is overwhelming! And yet we have loads and loads of shit to do. 

So, what do we do?

We crumble! And I don’t blame you. 

When emotions are overwhelming, we just cannot focus on one thing.

So, here’s what you do : Don’t let your self get overwhelmed by emotions when things get tough.

It’s all about how you interpret the pressure.

If you look at that pressure as a gift, you would work well with it.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Here’s a tip:

Every single one of our actions are dictated by our emotions. So, you need to go back and find what emotions actually drives you towards the place you want to go?

Mostly people do not like talking or even thinking about their emotions.

Why don’t you date yourself and get to know yourself before you ask anyone out?

Read these two to be completely self aware!


Your self image makes you act like you!

“We all have a need to be congruent with how we identify ourself!”

So to change your performance, you need to change your self image!

So think about it, when you reach your goal, who would you be? Be that person now!

“Who must you become in order for you to achieve that goal?”

You cannot consistency perform in a matter which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself!


Every single day, when you wake up, are you playing to win or are you playing to lose?

This is just about mindset shift!

When you are playing to win, you are emotionally driven and you would do whatever it takes!

Most people play “not to lose”. 

Ask yourself why is it that you want the things you want. What drives you towards your goal? 

Now focus on your emotions : what would you feel when you reach your goals? And what would you feel when you fail to reach them?

Now use these emotions to drive yourself! Play to win. Use your emotions!


It’s that simple : “Be around people that inspire you!”

Lets face it, most of our friends are mostly fun and entertaining and not necessarily inspiring. They stimulate the part of brain that craves excitement, fun and emotional support! And that’s fine.

But you should also start spending time with people who inspire you as well! Because those people stimulate the part of your brain that craves growth and purpose!

So if you are feeling low and uninspired and lost, just try and interact with people that inspires you. Or the people who get it right!


How commited are you to your dreams? Can you be working harder and longer? Could you have done more with the time you have had so far?

If the answer is yes, then you aren’t as commited to your goals and dreams

Most people spend loads of time thinking about how it would be to be successful and yet they don’t act on it that much.

Actions are significantly more important than anything else!

The fastest way for you to be successful is to get in the game and pivot along the way.

Because no plan of ours would go a 100% straight. That shouldn’t stop you!


If you shoot for the stars, atleast we would hit the moon. Right?

Most people shoot for the ceiling of their house and go nowhere!

Do you dare to dream big?

Set a goal that’s aligned with the person that you are. And give your heart and soul into making it a reality. 

What do you really want out of life?

I won’t ask you to sacrifice love and family and your health to do it. That’s stupid. 

Who said you need to give everything else up to dream big? Break the myths! Know what your heart desires and get there!


Let me walk you through what happens to alot of people:

If you are ambitious like me, you would probably put alot on your plate. And by doing so you find yourself constantly lagging behind your plans.

When this happens alot, we might feel demotivated and even think that we aren’t good enough to be what we want to be!

These self doubts and bad self image will knock us down emotionally and yet we keep putting more on our plates until it breaks.

You are here reading this because your plate broke. You are emotionally not motivated anymore because you do not want to walk down the same road again willingly.

Now, give yourself permission to take an actual break. Take off, go on a vacation. Treat yourself. Forgive yourself. You deserve it.

And when you come back, your mind, body and soul would be fresh and ready to tackle the odds life throws at you!


This is a problem with this world. All the motivational speaker preach “Hustle till you make it”. “Eat shit and work hard and you’ll make it”.

This all sounds very good but you would have to be extremely emotionally fucked up to actually live a life of work work work!

I have mentioned this before and I’ll mention again : ” Emotions are everything”.

If you don’t maintain a balance between, “Health, Wealth (Work) and Love (Social Life)” , you would eventually burn out and fall deeper into the pit of self loathing.

So, make sure you have a proper balance in life so your emotions work for you and not against you


I want to end my every article with this. Your goals and dreams are not about “being happy”.

If you cannot find it in you to appreciate and be happy with the life you have right now, you will never be happy. Even if you get everything that you seek, you would still feel the way you feel right now.

Your goals and dreams must be about fulfillment and satisfaction. Service and Love make me feel fulfilled. So, ask yourself, what actually fulfills you?

It’s important you know this because regret is the biggest disease and I do not want you to regret your life!

Hope this helped!

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