Here’s what wrong :

“Most men aren’t a fan of feminists and most woman aren’t a fan of men. They often consider all men criminals and much more.”

Whenever anyone hears about a sexual harassment story or a rape case, they get angry and naturally we want to blame and attack.

If we can’t think straight when we are under alot of emotions and just react to our impulses, how are we different from the rapists and the sexual predators?!

Dont get me wrong, I want to see the rapists dead as much as you do

but we are not fighting this the right way!

Can a divided society stand a chance against injustice? Read more!


Just like how harsh and awful it is to judge a girl based on the way she dresses, it is harsh to judge a guy too.

Indians, just be honest now.

You see a dark skinned guy with long hair and full beard walking down an empty street, what would you do? 

You worry if he’s a rapist. Isn’t that judging too?

But your judging is “justified” because you need to be able to judge to “avoid rape”. 

I agree. 

But what if it goes to the next level and every girl is repelled by him or starts treating him like he’s a criminal?

Don’t nod or smile, this happens almost every single day in this world. And somehow you don’t hear us complaining about it right?

Because we have no voice thanks to feminists. 

How do you get so triggered if a guy thinks.. “Just think’s” you are a slut for wearing short clothes and yet its all so acceptable and righteous if we “treat” guys awfully based on their looks?!

Can’t answer? 

For once in your life stop playing the victim card. Every one is a victim of this society!

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And since we don’t have any voice for the social harassment we face,

we are forced to submit and become clowns to what society wants us to be.

Don’t grow too much beard, you look like a tramp, a murderer and a rapist. Cut your hair or the police would put you in jail for suspicion of drug smuggling or murder. Don’t be friendly with unknown girls, you might get a sexually harassment case for just being genuinely nice.

And if we don’t follow these and happen to fall into “Not acceptable looks”, you would be judged and given creepy stares by everyone ! Everyone! Especially by people who consider all men as criminals (feminists)

How would that make that person feel? What now men’s feeling’s don’t matter?! Now we are not just all criminals but we are robots too?!

Are we supposed to accept all these norms and play along? 

If anyone can win this fight against rape and harassment and severe social judgement, its us together. Both genders needs to stand together

Most hardcore feminists might nod and say, I do not need you to fight for us in this fight.

This itself says how close minded they are. It’s not “your fight”. Its fight against injustice and by assuming that it’s your fight just proves the fact that you see all men as criminals


Society dictates woman and men how to behave and dress and look. Both genders are victims to society and we come together to form the society. How sad is that?!

So if we stand together, we can change society! We do not have to be the victims anymore!

And standing together means not attacking each other. Not judging. Having each other back’s when there’s injustice. Is that too much to ask for?


Even after reading all this some of you might just say “ Gosh all men are disgusting pigs”. Here’s where you go wrong : 

Just like how some woman are immature gold digging manipulative sluts, there are disgusting mentally unstable men in this world.

And you are hating and judging all men because you must have encountered one of those monsters. You are just being an hinderance and a liability and one of the reasons why this society is the way it is right now.

You might be wondering “What good would changing the society do?”


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