Why letting go is so hard

How do you move on from someone?

There’s a lot of people out there who find it “very hard to move on from a break up”.

So, here’s the thing about us. Whenever you remember your ex, you go that version of her that’s very sweet and kind and gives you endless love and makes you feel wanted . Right?

You remember those long dates ,sweet talks, cute hugs, kisses, romantic gestures and the all mid night romance that just filled up your hearts and satisfied your in every way possible. I agree, that’s the best feeling in the world and you feel like floating and you give in to it completely . You felt like nothing else in life matters and that he/she being with you is “all” you want in life. You loved them for the person you were when you were with them. You believed that they sing a song only you can hear.

But here’s a common misconception:

“There’s only one happiness in this world – to love and be loved”

As sweet as it sounds, you need to realize that it’s not true. Love can block logic and common sense.

Here’s a fact that we all ignore: 

“ Love is an important component of life and happiness but many people forget that it’s just a ‘part’ of life“

Here’s why break ups happen

Needs in conflict

Here’s the only reason why breakups happen:

Human beings have a lot of needs and love is just one of it. When love comes in conflict with some of the other needs, it tends to weaken the bond.And some relationships lasts through those tough times when one or both of the partners struggle to get through it . On the other hand, some other relationships break into a million pieces like a glass.

Why its hard to move on?

We are struck up with the idea of what could have been

So, What do we do?

When such breakups happen, one of the partners tend to become the victim and if you are reading this, you are probably the victim cause you just cannot move on.  “ You are struck up with the idea of ‘what could have been’ “

Because if you hadn’t broken up, that “what could have been” future is filled with love and happiness and everything you must have dream’t of. And having it all and losing it all at once hurts and we take way too much time to accept it. 

So Here’s my advice for you

Some of us out there are just in love with love

Just brainstorm with me for a moment and you would understand what exactly I am getting at. You remember all the good times. You remember how much love she/he was capable of giving you. You remember how much they needed you. You remember how you felt when you were hugging them. You remember how it felt to hold their arms. You remember how it felt to sleep with them and wake up to them every single day. You remember how you felt when they kissed you…..You remember how they made you feel. You had a sense of belonging and you knew you would never be alone in this world anymore.


If you realize something, all those feelings you remember – it’s just love. You miss their love. If you observe carefully, you just miss “love”. And they were capable of giving you that and now they are not because they couldn’t.



Now you might be wondering:

“ Did I love the other person, or Did I just love the love she was giving me?”

Your heart knows the answer to this. If you can admire and love them even after they left you – Even after they hurt you, it means your love for them was real. 

(And we can’t be sure if their feelings for you was real. It might have been real but not strong enough to last through the tough times. Trust me, we cannot blame them cause I have been on both sides of this story and it’s never really easy for anyone)


“Love is a blessing that not everyone in this world gets”

And it’ts okay to feel bad when you lose it

But remember, there’s billions of people out there. Ignoring the narcissistic, arrogant, self consumed, gold digging, lust seeking,immature people, you still have millions of beautiful souls out there living their lives, just like you are, waiting for someone to walk into their lives and show them how beautiful their life can be.It’s true that love failure can leave a scar in us forever. It might be hard to trust another. 

“ Faith is the last thing ever lost”

Make sure you never lose faith in love. That’s when you lose in life. Losing faith and regretting life is the worst it can possibly get.

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”

Here’s an Idea: Rather than regretting what you had and felt, try to embrace it. Embrace the experience. Embrace everything you felt. Just embrace what you had and move on..

“A year from now you would have wished you started today”

So move on. Go into the world and live your life. Your life is too precious to waste it mourning and crying. Be the example for hope and love.


 “ When there’s life, there’s hope”

Hope this helped you guys. Follow for more like this and if you need anyone to talk to or if you feel low and sad, do not hesitate to reach out to us 🙂


A final question : 

“You think your partner loves you still?”

If it’s a yes, you should wait around for awhile. If you are pretty sure they absolutely do not give a fuck about you, why wait around in a desert to drink water? Don’t forget, there’s an whole world and it’s all for you to explore 🙂

(Hope you understood what I said)


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