How to love yourself more (Complete Guide)

How to love yourself better
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“ To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment of all”

In a world where failures and disappointments are more common than ever before, it is easy to blame our-self. It is easy to forget our value and fall into a pattern of sadness and a sense of inadequacy!

We often find our-self in a dark place filled with pain and suffering. And facing that day after day can make you give up on hope! I know life can be bad at times.

Here I am telling you, you are worthy. You are amazing for just being here and reading this. This means you still have hope. It means you are a fighter. That is more than what most people do. 

You are the hero of your own story and I am going to help you find your way back to loving yourself:




“Feelings and emotions drives our actions”

It’s not logic or intelligence. It’s our emotions. Our values. And most of us are not self aware.

Do a small self awareness test. Know yourself. Know what you truly desire. Know your fears and weaknesses. 

“When you are disconnected with yourself, how can you love yourself?”

Here are the important things you need to know:

  • Your values
  • Your desires and needs in life
  • Your emotions and feelings : Why you feel the way you feel. How to handle it
  • Your fears and weaknesses

Once you know yourself, you can love yourself!




Accepting and pretending just have a small line between them

If you are feeling awful about some trait that you possess, you need to acknowledge it and change it. You can’t just pretend that you love yourself if you actually don’t

“Loving yourself is basically feeling good about yourself”

So, if you don’t actually feel good about who you are, know what you would like to change about your behavior or a trait and work on it. 

If you don’t feel good being overweight, then hit the gym. Bet you would feel good. If you don’t feel good about you smoking alot, put an effort to end that practice.

Sometimes, a little effort to improve yourself can go a long way.




“Affirmations by itself cannot change your life but it can help with your mindset”

Even after being self aware and being the best version of yourself, life would throw punches at you that would push you back into a loop of self doubt.

It is impossible to feel good all the time. 

That is exactly why you use affirmations : “Affirmations helps you avoid self doubt”

Use it as a tool to help yourself get over hard times. That’s all.




“Do unto others what you would do unto you”

Helping others can actually be deeply satisfying and fulfilling. There were so many researches that proves this statement. People are happier when they serve!

“In service we find true happiness”

So find it in your heart to help people whenever you can. And that is enough.




Immediately after you read that word, someone came to your mind. Right?

Someone who was completely unfair and awful to you. Someone left a hole in your heart and you feel incomplete. Right?

“Are you in peace with your past traumas?”

If not, work on it. It is extremely important to work on it. Letting go can make you whole again.

Healing will make you better. Which is important for you to love yourself.




Sometimes you need to look at the big picture

“Life is short! When it’s over, it’s over”

 So don’t take your dreams to the graveyard with you”

It would be hard to love yourself if you deny yourself and your dreams 

You may not achieve everything that you desire, but the fact that you tried it with all your heart, is more than enough for you to rest in peace!

“Have you given every ounce of your soul to get what your heart truly desires?”

Again, if you seek love and affection more than anything else, be smart enough to hold on to that. And never ever let go!

So, think about it, becoming the best version of yourself and living your life fully being true to your desires sound good? Or being trapped in a cycle of self doubt and hate sound good?

You decide!

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