Digital Marketing Newsletter April-May 2020

Digital Marketing Newsletter
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Digital Marketing Newsletter : Here’s the new digital marketing news and updates that came out in the month of April- May


  • Google might start capturing your face emotions to content soon
    • This is not confirmed ofcourse. This might be a feature to.optimize for in the future!
  • Enabling infinite scrolling can cause content to not be indexed!
    • Because the bot doesn’t load the content until the user scrolls to the bottom
    • This has led to alot of content not being indexed atall!
    • “If you are implementing an infinite scroll experience, make sure to support paginated loading.
    • Paginated loading is important for users because it allows them to share and reengage with your content.
    • It also allows Google to show a link to a specific point in the content, rather than the top of an infinite scrolling page.”
    • Use Google’s rich results test 
  • Google now tells you : ” There’s no proper results for your query”
    • This happens when theres no “good content” that matches the query/ intent
    • You can try changing the search keywords for better results!
  • Googles “call only ads” now has links feature available!
    • Implies we can visit website even in call only ads which can come in handy!
  • Google Ads releases 340 million credits to its users
    • One user can only get one credit!
    • If we had spent money previously in the year 2020, we are eligible
    • The value / amount of money in each credit may vary
    • You can use the credit until December of this year!
  • Google has journalism emergency relief fund! Where small and local news publishers can apply for funds!
    • This is done to help the news industry!
  • Google ads would require identity verification
    • This is just to verify the business that publishes ads 

New Google Update:

    • Thin content landing pages with alot of links are losing rankings
      • ( Just tells your ON page SEO is also important)
    • Websites with high rate of link acquisition is doing good
    • Niches like : health, rehab, science,news, alcohol, history, finance has a increase in organic visibility!
  • Navigation best practices:
    • Uses:
    • Users : 
      • Smooth Experience and understanding of your website
      • Ability of find what they want
    • Search engines:
      • Understand context 
      • Find and index your page
    • Best practices :
      • Cross link between similar categories of your blog 
        • This helps to prevent “content silos”
      • Content pages usually send traffic to product pages : make sure product pages also link back to the blog pages
        • Do this in the form of FAQs Nd just blog links
      • Search engines have difficulty locating internal links with JavaScript
        • Most SEO experts avoid java scripts altogether
      • Adding tracking parameters in the URL can lead to duplicate content error
        • Instead use JavaScript tracking.
  • BERT update is out:
    • It understands natural and conversational language and will impact
    • It just understands better and can we really optimize for it? Probably not
    • But if you have over optimized then, your ranking might go down because now Google understand you. Sees you for who you are.
  • Google my business listings now allows gift card and donation links
    • Gift cards are an amazing concept that you can use to make more money!
    • Have to be partnered with PayPal and go fund me
    • Also have to have a separate page for it
  • Google says it’s okay to use extra title and meta description tags
    • It would just combine the extra ones into a single one!


  • Video content embed strategy:
    • Create amazing videos for your website.. specific to your niche.
    • Host it on YouTube
    • Promote your video
    • After it gets buzz, check who embedded your video content
    • And them reach out to them for a link back
      • You could also provide them something more like a HD video copy from your website for the same video to be linked!
  • Use multiple influencers to make one content
    • Millennials are highly doubtful of today’s brands
    • And the only way to get anyone’s attention today is by being an influencer or using influencers
    • This is what I call “ultra skyscraper content”
    • This way you get so much Backlinks
  • Influencer reviews on their websites
    • Ask them to make in-depth review from pros and cons
    • The benefits they personally experienced by using your product


  • Senti One : 
    • It gets you all the social mentions you get when another blogger mentions you
    • Use : For Backlink outreach! 
  • 12 link building tools:
    • Majestic:
      • Gets you data on “topic you should focus” and referering domains
    • Ahrefs
      • Pages → Best by links
      • Find competitors most linked content
      • Also find the types of sites that would link to you.
    • Broken link building (Citation labs)
      • Reduce the time it takes to find broken links!
    • Pitchbox
    • Ontolo
    • Buzzsumo
      • Identifying bloggers / sharers and backlinkers

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  • Snapchat’s usage has gone up
    • People spend more time watching videos and shows
    • They spend more on online food delivery
  • Facebook and Instagram to show the exact location of the poster
    • This is only for high reach pages
    • And only the country name would be mentioned!
  • Instahram adds new features to combat bullying
    • Restric users
    • Bulk delete comments
    • Pin comments to the top of the post


  • Colors are not just to get people’s attention!
  • 90% of people form their first impression based on color!
  • 80% of people believe that color influences brand recognition

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  • 6 wordpress plugins for fast loading:
    • WP fastest cache
    • W3 Total cache
    • W3 Super Minify 
      • minify Java script and CSS files
    • WP smush 
      •  compress images
    • BJ lazy load 
      •  won’t load the whole page all at once. It lazy loads so the user doesn’t have to wait till everything is loaded!
    • WP Optimize :
      • Sometimes there’s alot of unwanted cluttered stuff stored in database like posts revision history to unapproved comments
      • This plugin helps clear them all.
  • Three elements for blogs in beginning :
    • Click to tweet fact box
    • Handpicked related content box
    • Social media icons
  • Website security issues:
    • Cloaking :
      • The content you see and the content search engines see would be different
    • Social engineering
      • Compromises your site cause it will start stealing information from your customers
      • “Deceptive site ahead” error would come.
    • Search console would detect all these malwares 
      • And it would have detailed instructions on how to deal with them
      • So follow it all and ask for a review once it’s all done!
  • Real time personalization campaign’s:
    • Use AI powered email personalization that sends offers based on people’s browsing history!
    • Some websites know your gender and show pages created especially for your gender
    • Amazon is an perfect example of e-commerce personalization!
  • Linkedin now factors dwell time into its algorithm

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Why fight for position 1 when you can snipe position 0

  • Obvious advantages :
      • More traffic
      • Increased visibility
      • More credibility
    • Now let’s look at 7 most snippable content you can create!
    • 1)Answers to 5Ws : Who, What, When, Where, Why
      • If the question is too simple : It’ll give answers from its database
      • And If the question is too complicated : Then there won’t be any featured snippets
      • If the question is simple :, Then yes.
      • So Who, what, when, where , why questions about simpler facts in your niche
      • Remember: The average length of snippable keyword phrase is six
      • Look for people also ask for section to get ideas
      • Downside : Less click through cause the answers in featured snippets are satisfying

2) How tos/ Instruction

      • Huge percentage of featured snippets are how to content!
      • Advantage : More clicks and more on page time.
      • Less restrictive formatting : Can use text, lists, images, videos
      • Use general formatting with proper header tags.
    • Definitions ( For complex terms)
      • The search queries are often just the “term”
      • Example if someone types CTR : they often are looking for a definition : it’s an implied question
      • Just one tip : Go for complex terms because simpler terms are often featured by dictionary answers.
      • Also don’t stop with just the definitions – Go a step further and fill up your page with much much more informative content!
    • Comparisons :
      • Mark your page with table tag
      • List tables and text that compare two or more items 
      • That is all : Find things to compare in your niche and make proper tables!
    • Cost breakdowns:
      • Make content comparing the prices and features of your products with your competitors!
      • Don’t create price lists as they fluctuate
      • Consider creating estimate tables that will help with the budget estimation
    • Best list:
      • Best is the most used keyword in Google
      • Everyone wants to know the best
      • So create the best in class product list in your niche and tell them why one is better than the other
    • Frequently Asked As 
      • This isn’t about the FAQ page
      • This is about creating content that is frequently asked by your customers
      • Also : If you update regularly , create a time stamp for the answers!
  • Basic optimization tactics:
    • Start off with simple answer
    • Follow up with detailed info, images and videos
    • End with background info like case studies and examples

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  • Effective subject lines should speak directly to the interest of the audience
  • What triggers your audience
    • Ask targetted questions
      • Question about their pain points
      • Have you started earning money through your brand?
      • Is your YouTube growth strong enough?
    • Use “How to” content topics
      • This hooks people in with curiosity : An open loop
      • Also when u do this people know exactly what they are going to get
    • curiosity in people:
      • Basically click baits
      • Take out information from topic and show a promis
        • The single most effective tactic as an marketer
    • Grab attention with humour
      • 30% of ads use jokes cause it’s effective as it defies expectations
      • I take a sheet in the pool
      • This fell out of your shopping cart (but seriously come bac
    • Use loss aversion:
      • Make use of people’s fear of missing out!
      • Use scarcity and urgency in the subject line
      • “don’t miss out”
      • “Before they are gone forever”
      • “Within the next hour!”

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  • It must be more about the customers than the companyM
  • must be spoken in audience tone so it hits them!
  • VP should stand out from the competitors
  • It must be simple


  • Cold calling + Intent Data:
    • Intent data helps callers identify
      • Which “prospects” are looking for a solution
      • What alternatives they consider
      • Their specific needs and how to address it
      • Their readiness to buy
  • Print media:
    • This comes as a part of Omni channel marketing strategy
      • More reach basically
      • More shelf life
      • Control over as placements
      • So target printed magazines!
  • Networking : Events plus ABM ( Account based marketing)
    • Basically find events where our prospects might probably attend
    • Plan a one on one conversation with them
  • Traditional content + Geo Targeting:
    • Basically knowing the addresses of your target audience
    • And then using banners and traditional content in conferences or bus stops or sports arena
  • Direct emails : 
    • Email marketing might be effective but with the increasing digital noise,it’s hard to get people’s attention
    • Soo! Direct mails can improve engagement Nd conversion! 


  • Heres a fact :
    • 40% of your webinar attendees are qualified leads
    • And you establish yourself as an industry leader
  • What are webinars :
    • Imagine it to be a online teaching session . What’s great us that : it happens real time and people can ask questions in between!
    • This could be really really helpful to your audience!

Liked the Digital Marketing Newletter? Check out “Digital Marketing Guide” I wrote

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