Rapes in India : An Insight

4 rapes/hour

Do you know that more than 100 rapes happen in India per day? That is four rapes per hour!

Lack of punishment

 About 99% of rapists get away with their crimes! And less than 10% of the rapists who get caught, get a life sentence! 

Acquiantence Rape

Contrary to popular belief, 8 out of 10 rapes happen between people who know each other!

Men are victims too!

It’s not just for women! 1 in 71 American men get’s raped in their lifetime. Anybody can be victims in this world!


“This country seems to care more about protecting rapists than it’s women”

Can you even digest that fact? Four rapes an hour?!

 Makes us wonder if we humans are spiraling back to the stone age where consent was just a joke! We were animals after all!

It’s time to make a change. Enough is enough. There’s too much blood on our hands already!

So, How do we stop rapes in India?


Prevent them from becoming monsters

1)Mental health is not a joke

2)Teach emotional intelligence

3)Sex Education

4)End Patriarchy

5)Reduce Digital Stimulation

Fear over desire
1)Death Sentence
2)Public Assassination
3)Mandatory self-defense and training
Quench their desire’s
1)Making Prostitution legal
2)Introduction to sex toys!
Our fight, not their’s
1) Don’t tolerate sexual abuse
2)Encourage victim’s to talk
3)Stop corruption
4)Media stop blaming victims
5)Don’t false accuse
6) Don’t lose hope

Chapter 1: Prevent them from becoming monster’s

Everyone is born the same!


If  I ask you, what causes rape, some of you would say “It’s the horny men!” and some of you would say “It’s the irresponsible women”.

It’s not about the sex or about the power!

Here’s something that you probably wouldn’t have heard before

“Some rape victims become rapists”

Rape is caused by rapists, but what causes rapists? Domestic abuse and Rape!

Did you know that domestic abuse is very common in our country? Maybe you don’t hurt your children but alot of people do! And when a young mind goes through so much trauma, it becomes deeply disturbed!

The whole world is concerned about how they look on the outside, almost no effort is put into dealing with emotional baggage’s. Most people don’t even know how to go about it!

“Mental Health checkups and counselling should be a part of every single school out there in our country and this could save so many people from becoming rapists and murderers”

Also, It is very important that rape victims go through “proper therapy” 

If India does not kill rapists, we should at least treat them.Those souls don’t even know what gentleness and respect means. If you put them in prison, they’ll become more disturbed and when they come out, the world won’t be any better!


Here’s another essential thing ignored by the government and schools across the world! How many of you use history and economics and complex mathematical derivatives in your life?

Not many I suppose?! Right? But all of us are emotionally driven creatures! And yet we have not been taught about how to handle emotions in our academics!

What is wrong with this education system?

“Common sense is uncommon in real world”

It’s time we start people how to handle their emotions so they can know when to react and when not to! Algebra and science can wait!

Don’t you think that is the only thing that separates us from animals? Knowing how to handle emotions and instincts?

Most crimes are done because of anger,fear or desires. If one can learn to master their temptations, would this world be better?


There’s alot of debate’s about ” Patriarchy is the only reason why rapes still happens”

Some of you might take this as an offence but there’s a great truth in it.

“Did you know sexual crime rose to it’s peak on Nirbhaya’s ruling day?”

The society has conditioned men to be the protector of women and that idea has been evolved into this. Alot of men has changed but there’s a huge population of rural and old-minded men who just kick that idea off their system!

Do you think they get consent from their wife before forcing themself onto them?

Do you think they don’t beat up their wife and their children when they lose their temper?

Children needs to be taught to respect and value women not just in schools but also in media and movies which influences them! Even the way their dad treats their mom shapes their mindset!


This cannot be achieved by enforcing laws!

This is a fundemental change in the way people look at this world. Men need to respect women and women need to demand it!

Men are not more powerful than women, It’s time that women take issues into their own hands.

Everyone has more power in the eyes of the law.. women more than men! Let’s start using that.


Educating people about sex can go a long way. It is true that we can learn everything there is to learn about sex on the internet!

But we can all agree that the internet is a very disturbing place for a young mind to be wandering around!

Do you know that there’s a complete category called “rape” in pornography with millions of videos uploaded all around the world?

So, it is best that children are educated by professionals about sex as a part of their academics and be taught that consent is extremely important and rape is a serious crime that is punishable by death!


Ever since we hit puberty, we start having these thoughts and desires that we cannot really talk about. And with the introduction of pornography and other adult websites, every teenerager’s out there is stimulated every single day!

“You become what you think about all day long”

And when people these kid’s have access to all sorts of disturbing things that happens in this world, their minds gets deeply troubled.

If you stare at millions of instagram models all day long and fantasize about them, you will end up being a slave to your sexul desires!

So what can we do about this? The monsters do not listen .. definitely not to some mental health advice! And the whole world is a slave to social media and so we cannot ban that either!

Comment down below your ideas on how to tackle these problems!

Chapter 2: Fear Over desire

Make their fear of pain greater than their desire for pleasure


It is so sad to know that our country seem to want to protect rapists more than it’s women.

Why should they be protected by human rights when they do not hesitate to do the most inhuman thing ever? 

When they do not hesitate to gang up on an innocent soul and destroy it, why should the government hesitate to erase them off the face of their planet?

Everyone deserves a second chance? Well, say that to the thousands of people who got physically, mentally and emotionally scarred for the rest of their life! And so many more who end up getting murdered by these monsters?!

Don’t they deserve a second chance?!

So many people have talked about this but nothing seemed to have changed? Our government makes so many insignificant rules for women, why not do something worthwhile for a change?

Why not make death sentence real?


For a country that won its independence through non-violence, this seems a bit too impulsive and extreme, right?

They say “Violence inspires Violence”

But not doing anything about it inspires so much more. 

“Humans are driven by desire for pleasure and the fear of pain”

By doing this we induce fear in the minds of every person out there who cannot control their sexual desires and that fear would stop them from touching another women/men.

Imagine how much rapes would have gone down if we had publicly assassinated the convicts in the nirbhaya case of 2012?

Don’t you think this would have made a difference?


Why do we only hear about rapes rarely in the media? And the names and the faces of the accusts are forgotten in a week. And most of the rapists get away without jail time!

You know what they say, “ Threaten to take away the thing the person values the most, and he’ll comply!”

The punishment for rapes should be that strict! Only then they’ll fear showing out their dominance over women.

What should be done?

  • Media SHOULD talk about ALL the reported rape cases
  •  The names and faces of the rapists should be dragged through the mud!
  • This might seem a bit extreme : Their families should be fined a very huge amount

The moment they realize that their actions would not just affect them but also the people they love, they’ll have to fight their worst temptations!

Do you think this is a bit extreme? Comment down below!


Ever heard of pens and combs that turn into knives? Pepper sprays and Tasers?

While these cannot actually prevent the causes of rapes but this certainly will increase the fear in people who would even think about attempting to touch another person without consent.

If they don’t listen to our logic or our cries, we have to make them listen with fear! Don’t you think?

Everybody in the country must go through self defense classes as a part of their education and it has to be made compulsory!


You might be wondering, what about the children who get raped then? What can they do to tackle the injustice?

To be honest, they are defenseless and the pedophiles must be assassinated in the most horrible way so no man or women would ever think about touching another child.

Chapter 3: Quench the desire’s

If you have so much trouble controlling it, fins an healthy way to release it!


This again is a very popular notion that’s been expressed time and time again by media influencer’s and yet nothing has changed! 

Why is our government is more concerned about it’s integrity when the country itself is rotting with animals dressed up like humans preying on innocent souls?

Making prostitution legal has so many advantages:

  • People would have a release for their desires
  • Proper health care for the people in that industry
  • Reduce violence against prostitutes
  • Reduce rapes across the country!

Remember, there’s no victims in prostitution but in rape there is one and they usually end up dead or broken. So, what’s so wrong in making prostitution legal?

Don’t just make it legal! Scale it up! Make it okay to want sex and stop slut shamming women!


This might seem like a redundant point as men or women might hesitate to own a sex toy. This is seen as a matter of self esteem. What if your friends found out about it? Human’s would do anything to avoid shame right?

That too, in India, even talking about sex is considered shameful and owning a sex toy will never been seen as a normal thing?

But we prideful Indians do not have any problem raping innocents and destroying their and your lives but owning a sex toy is a problem?!

Does this make sense to you?

Chapter 4: Our fight not their’s

Their blood is in our hands


I myself have heard stories of my close friends being harassed in public buses and in isolated areas. And they do not call for help or report it!

If you see someone getting sexually abused, don’t just mind your own business! Help them! Or call for help!

If you see a woman who’s too drunk to be leaving the bar at the middle of the night, don’t just let her go.

Stop the people when they try to abuse else they’ll think it’s okay and go ahead and start raping! Kill the behavior when it starts!

The truth is “We can always do something about it!”. But we just prefer not to.


This is for the women and men out there who have been harassed, abused and raped. You might have your own reasons for holding back. 

Maybe it was the people you love who shamelessly forced you and you want to protect them or it was a dominant group of monsters who threaten you and keep you grounded.

You might be scared that if you come out, it would do more harm to you and your families.

What can we as a society do to help and protect these women?! What can we do to help them put faith over fear?


You might be wondering, what does corruption has to do with rapes and sexual harassment? I would say, “everything”

Corruption comes in the way of executing laws and not to mention, corruption is contagious

We humans go to various extents to earn money so we could live out our desires at any cost! 

People with influence has this world under their hands and usually they do not care about laws! “No one should be above the law” they say, yet so many are!

In a country where police men rape women to show off their authority, how do you expect victims to be confident when coming out?

It’s not only the rapist’s that hurt the victim but also our whole society!

So, How do we stop such corruption? Comment down below!


Victim blaming rapes
victim blaming rape 2

It’s so sick to even see some of these new reports!

The two most common victim blamings are these:

  • Don’t dress like a slut
  • Don’t get too drunk!

Now when we place the blame on the victims, we give an impression to the rapist’s that taking advantage of a drunk woman is okay!

She/He can do whatever they want! They can get drunk and they can wear whatever they want. It’s a free world!.

 It’s not against the law to get drunk but it is against the law to harass or rape! What’s wrong with the world?! Why do you even publish new’s like these?!

Start publishing new’s like “ Another rapist executed today as India has no tolerance policy towards it!”


Some people out there take advantage of the laws against rapists and false accuse innocents.

Even Though only 2-8% of the reported rapes are false accusations, it is still a big number.

These kind of act’s just takes the power off the actual victims of this inhuman act and justice do not get served!

So, women and men out there who want to take their vengence on other people, please don’t use rape as a weapon. (Again emotional intelligence can come in handy here, wouldn’t it?)  This is exactly where anti-feminist’s are born.

Let’s all work together to fight injustice and not use these laws to victimize innocents.


People love to judge! It’s time to review yourself. It’s so sad to say that we as a society have lost hopes that this country would ever change. And by doing so, we facilitate these rapes to happen! We are all responsible! We all are!

There’s been a thousand speeches and a million articles and discussions about these. But there’s no change. Government is stubborn that it would never be useful when it comes to stopping rapes.

“Rules are only made when we force it to! 

It always comes down to how bad we want it!”

Do you think there would be no change if the whole freaking country demands that law to be enforced?! We watch, we comment and share and we immediately jump off to the next distraction right?

The moment we lose hope, we have lost the fight. And remember, the blood is on our hands when someone you love becomes the victim of this crime!

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