November- December 2021 Roundup :


  • Bolded text can help SEO
    • Bolded text will help google understand the content better
  • Sudden drop in discovery traffic? 
    • Website quality issues
    • Google discover content policies
    • (Have contact details, author bylines, affiliate relationships should be mentioned and transparency in author details) 
  • Brand Mentions : Are not important and are not a ranking factor! And is only for building awareness
  • Authority : Need more than 30 articles to be authoritative? 
    • Number of pages isn’t the only factor
    • The credentials of the author : Experts get more authority! 
  • John Mueller also states that you do not have to be an authority to rank well. 
  • Link attributes : No penalties for not using affiliate attribute for affiliate links
    • Penalties will only be used if they suspect we sell links


  • John Mueller himself has stated that Discovery is an unreliable source of traffic 
    • It is volatile and changes with change in user behavior
    • Core algorithm updates affect these too. 
    • Freshness is another factor herhere


  • All in one SEO plugin Vulnerability affects 1 million plus sites
  • Astra WordPress Theme has 100+ free templates
  • WordPress’s hide login security plugin exposes the login pages : hence defeating the purpose
    • Only install plugins from verified developers


  • Google will begin to de index your pages if your site is down for more than two days 
    • This implies sites are crawled at least once every two or three days


  • Gmaps adds four new features for local businesses:
    • Area busyness : Helps customer understand how crowded the area is 
    • Directory Tab: Helps people understand which businesses are there in a particular 
    • Grocery shopping in google maps
    • More info about restaurants : Now information from reviews will be listed in the main listing. 
  • November 2021 Update : Local search results :
    • The main three factors powers are re-balanced here : relevance, Distance, Prominance
    • Relevance can be improved by frequently posting in Google My business
    • Prominence of the business is about the brand reputation or “how well known the brand is”
    • Focus on prominence perhaps 


  • Adobe released free creative cloud express which has the core functionalities of illustrator, Photoshop and premier pro targeting low experienced designers and equipped with thousands of templates photos and will have social media tools integrated in the future. 
  • Amazon Alexa SEO tools is closing



  • Page experience factor is more than just a tie breaker and it’s important we pay attention to it
  • Intrusive interstitials that pop up immediately and obstructs the content will reduce ranking cause of bad page experience
  • Google Discovery Follow feature in Beta:
    • This is available in US users
    • Google uses the RSS feed in the website to show to your subscribers the new articles that you publish
    • If you don’t have an RSS feed, google will create it’s own for your website from which it would show. 
    • Add a feed for each category if we have multiple ones. 
  • Title tag : Even though titles are rewritten in SERPs, original title tags are only used for ranking (ON SITE FACTOR) 
  • Intent of webpage influences the page layout algorithm
    • As in if you have lead gen forms above the fold before the main content but it’s relevant and is about the search intent, then it won’t have negative effects on search rankinfs


  • Gutenberg template plugin was found to have two vulnerabilities which would lead to complete site takeover : Keep the plugins updated! 
  • Gutenberg 11.5 has a widget group block now
    • There will be another roll out where you can pretty much edit a whole site using gutenberg! 
  • WordPress Themes : Oxygen and Bricks Builder : Two themes recommendations by Adam Humphreys
    • Anything else would load too many scripts
    • Or use Gutenberg block editor
  • If you are planning to change the themes : Set up a test site for staging your new WordPress theme
    • Services like WP stagecoach makes this process easier. 
    • Product pages don’t have to be big with a lot of content in them. 
    • In most cases, if the products have descriptive names, that’s enough for google to understand the category page
    • In some cases tho, we might need to add a little information/content on the page in order to communicate to Google what the page is all about. 


  • Google could potentially partner up with Instagram and tik tok for indexing short form video content! 
    • We could potentially see short form content in SERPs soon. 

Tool :

  • Search console report : Why only few URLs are shown in certain reports? It just means that these URLs are taken as samples
  • Bing has content submission API which allows instant indexing
  • Google will start sharing more search term data with advertisers : Estimates to get more than 6.5 times more data
  • Page experience roll out is complete



    • Google is rewriting title tags recently
    • Sometimes inserting dates and sometimes replacing words and key words
  • Discovery CTR improvement : Max preview meta tag will help increase clicks by 333%
    • This dictates google to preview the biggest image in page
    • <meta name=”robots” content=”max-image-preview:large”>
  • Overall website Quality metric:
    • If the overall quality of the website is low then not all the pages would be indexed. 

For UNDER 18 :

  • People under 18 can now request and remove content which they find inappropriate which would reduce the exposure 
  • Overly commercial content that asks kids to spend money will abe prohibited in youtube


  • WPX WordPress hosting outage caused thousands of websites to go offline
  • Indexing problem? : John Mueller states that it’s normal for 20% of the website to not be indexed. 
    • Overall Quality of the site affects indexing. 
  • Google recommends adding author URL to the article schema
    • It is better if it points to the author bio page on the same URL
  • Having a lot of affiliate links is not a bad signal : As long as the content is valuable
  • Website downtime shouldn’t have any negative impacts on search ranking
  • Do not use services that gives fake lighthouse metrics to boost the SEO of the page
    • The scores it generates are based on lab data and hence doesn’t have any effect on the actual SEO. 
    • And it actually worsens SEO by increasing the page load speed because of that script. 


  • June-July ranking improvements can be attributed to page speed improvements
  • Customer reviews are not a signal for web search :
  • Link Spam Algorithm Update :
    • Google might penalize sites for placing untagged affiliate links in a site
  • Safe browsing is not a criteria anymore for : Google’s page experience report
  • Google’s new bug is causing problems in rending the images in the top stories. 
  • Link spam update :
    • Should mention the links if it’s affiliate or guest posts
    • Google has a new mechanism in for detecting low quality links
    • The update was completed by August 24th 2021
  • There was a data loss in google search console on 23rd and 24th of august. 
  • Titlepocalyse : 
    • Since google has started rewriting title, switching it with the header tags, the click through rates and the clicks have gone down significantly. 
    • This rewrite is being done for 20% of the search results. 


  • Optimizing for Local SEO:
    • Have your location clearly mentioned in your website
    • Have a good and detailed GMB entry
    • GMB and local business might not be good if your business is national or international : your site might disappear in searches outside your given location



  • Google search Console Insights Tool has been launched 
  • AMPs are not a requirement for getting featured in Top Stories
    • Will be rolled out along with the page experience update
  • Article Specific Structures Data is an requirement for Top Story Carousel Feature Resource
  • Google webstories : there’s more than 100K web stories uploaded every single day
  • We have extension till 2023 to be able to use third party cookies
    • The privacy sandbox initiatives will be delayed
  • The average CTR for Position 10 in SERP is 3% which is still greater than putting ads there
  • Google released a spam update rollout:
  • News websites Optimizations:
    • Get AMPs done for fast mobile usability
    • Get proper site architecture:
    • Submit for Google News
  • Keyword placement in long articles:
    • How to set a focus keyphrase for longer articles? 
    • Muller says try to include it in image captions and subheadings and so much more
    • Also think about it from the users perspective
  • FAQ rich results are rolling out:
    • Two rich results per page
  • Running on outdated softwares is now considered a negative signal because of this : Hacker Spam
    • By doing so, u let hackers into your website and system
    • And when that happens you site security goes down
    • In such a case, your website ranking drops! 
    • Don’t run outdated plugins and CMS systems! 
  • Internal links : Too many internal links can become a problem
    • Remember the purpose of internal links to to let google know the structure of the website and realize which page is important
    • So don’t overdo internal links : The value of each links goes down as well. 
  • Multiple schema markups :
    • Having multiple markups in a page is an acceptable practice
    • But its important to remember to add schema for the main focus content of the page rather than a small FAQ section at the bottom. 
    • Muller asks and recommends the site owners to use one schema markup that the page is all about. 
  • Visual presentation/ design of a web site is also an ON SITE factor
  • Shopify sites can now edit their robot. Txt file:
  • Core algorithm Update:
    • Page experience is now officially a ranking signal and google asks the publishers not to panic and states that this signal would be used as a tie breaker! 
  • Google algorithm update :
    • Googles new algorithm update is gonna target slanders
      • Slander is when people spread false unverified news about others! 
  • All about Google News:
    • Eligibility:
      • Authority and expertise
      • History of posting about the same
      • Complies with standard guidelines
    • Can we do anything to optimize for it? 
      • Use google publisher center to check which articles are eligible
      • Keep them fresh and updated and add alot of resources and links 
      • We can’t do much since it’s an automated process 
  • WordPress 5.9 would include lazy loading feature and is estimated to increase Core Web Vitals score by 33% by helping with LCP

Features of SERP

  • Mobile and desktop results would be different
    • Because of a lot of reasons : speed, features of pages and sometimes even the context
    • Mobile users might look for content on the go. 
  • Google is expanding the “About this result” With information on ranking factors. 


  • Businesses will be able to add information about upcoming events from now on
  • Accept take out and deliveries : businesses will be able to update online ordering options
  • Pointy : a tool that’s used to add products in google my business account
    • It’s currently free up until September 30,2021


  • Search console might show irrelevant keywords sometimes 
    • This could be because of some of the images on the site showing up in other keywords in different target countries as well. 
  • Businesses using Woocommerce can transfer their products directly onto google now! 


  • Google is showing trending searches for some searches that doesn’t have enough resources
  • Google knowledge graph is not very reliable : Shows the wrong man’s photos as a serial killer and rapist
  • July algorithm update is done :
    • Spam websites will be moved down 
    • Try not to avoid low quality backlinks
    • Better understanding of page and showing better results for user intent is always googles goal! 


  • Server side errors can cause the page from not loading properly : causes GSC to give no validation errors even when the page loads normally

March -April 2021 SEO News


  • Product review search algorithm update
    • This is not a core algorithm update
    • This update targets product review sites and pages. 
    • This update helps well researched in-depth content over short summaries
    • So if you have a site that publishes reviews then make your content length and usefullness is good. 
  • Huge increase in search trends for diverse businesses:
    • There’s been tremendous increase in the searches for black owned, woman owned, Asia  owned and so on
  • Changing Publishing Date:
    • By merely changing the publishing date in the post will not help with rankings unless there’s some significant content change. 
  • Google search console : Regx and Revamp Comparison Mode:
    • Regx filter can be used for filtering queries or pages
    • We could now enter complex queries here which makes filtering more effective. 
    • Revamped comparison mode can be used to compare multiple metrics side by side and also supports the regx filter. 
  • Core Web Vitals Update:
    • Core Web Vitals may not be a real time metric and data is generally slowly processed and so it could potentially be a metric that would be updated once a month. 
  • Google discover Excluded content:
    • Job Applications
    • Petitions
    • Forms
    • Code Repositories
    • Satirical Content : These are the kinds of content that makes fun of political figures or societal beliefs. 
  • Optimizing for Web stories:
    • All factors apply : All the factors that apply for a Web page also applies for Web stories. 
    • In addition : Fill out all story meta data available there : Published logo, poster and other available optional meta as well. 
    • AMP code : Webstories should have a valid AMP code. 
    • Check the data in search console : if there’s no impressions, test them in the testing tool 
  • Google reaction time:
    • How long does Google take to acknowledge the quality fixes done in your website? 
      • It could potentially take a month or even 3-4 months for the effects to take place completely. 
      • Crawling would take a month
      • Understanding properly what the page is about could take 3-4 months. 
  • Block google from anti ad block detectors is not considered to be cloaking. 
    • Clocking is when we hide certain content from users but the hidden content would still be read by search engines. This is usually done to hide keyword spamming from users. 
  • Core web Vitals Field Data Issue:
    • Lighthouse gives us the lab data where the website is tested with simulated environment
    • Page speed insights gives field data where actual user data is tested. 
    • Slow internet connection from users can affect core web vitals (Actual Field Data) 
    • Basically a small part of core web vitals is in the hands of users. Devices they use and the internet connection. 
  • Don’t block Google Bot While trying to block traffic from a country:
    • Sometimes traffic from certain countries can be problematic because there can be alot of bot traffic. 
    • Usually Google bot comes from the US so be careful while blocking traffic from the US
  • Eliminator has upgraded the plugin with features that would help get better core web vitals score. 
    • Google fonts loads efficiently
    • Core web vitals is recorded by chrome user experience for users who have opted in for it
    • Web page code is delivered more efficiently in a way that would potentially give the best core web vitals score
    • Before a page has to be rendered, all the JS and CSS files needs to be downloaded
      • That’s why they are called render blocking files
      • Only best way to fastem up the process is to minimize the number of JS and CSS to be downloaded. 
      • Conditional loading is another best way : where they only only when necessary. 
  • Elemenator released courses that helps us to better optimize for the core web vitals. 
  • Google spam fighting AI will automatically remove spam sites ( auto generated : bulk web 2.0 and scraped content) 
    • Even if a spammed page gets ranking : while ranking it , the site would futher be scanned by this AI to remove it. 
  • Multiple H1 Tags are not a problem – Says google
    • We have been made to believe that a webpage should only have one H1 tag
    • But google says it’s fine to use many H1 tags and it’s fine to use none as well. 
  • H1 Tags are not better than H2, H3 and so on
    • Header tags are believed to be used as clues as to what the page was about
    • But google doesn’t do that. It uses knowledge graph to understand completely what the content is about! 
    • Header tags don’t have the magic to rank 
  • Above the fold content have more value? 
    • Not necessarily but it’s good to cover as much information about the page above the fold : even for better user experience
  • Google Web Stories Playbook
  • FAQ Rich Results less frequency:
    • FAQ rich results still works but since it has the capacity to push down a few competitors out of the first page ,Google sometimes reduces the frequency if necessary
  • Non AMP pages can also rank in top stories and discover and the relevancy is more important than page experience metrics! 
  • Google states there’s no limit to the length of the title tag


  • 10 Chrome extensions for digital marketing and seo
    • Headline studio : Co schedule
      • Helps optimize headlines
    • Wordtune :
      • Helps with the writing style to provide better read experience and better message delivery
    • SEO Pro:
      • Helps optimize ON SITE metrics ( really helpful by pin pointing places to improve) and also has serp performance improvement tips
    • Ahrefs SEO toolbar:
      • This toolbar helps analyze both ON SITE factors and also gives insights into SERP website metrics
  • Google Analytics can now track without using cookies


  • Core Web Vitals Plugin released by Automaticc
  • Jetpack boost is also a plugin which can be used to optimize for this
    • Defer non essential javascript
    • Optimize CSS
    • Lazy Loadinf
  • Wix has created negative ads against WordPress which is disapproved in the search community
  • Google FLoc:
    • After every  search engine out there came up with a policy to protect users privacy, Google now has come up with FLoc
    • Since Google uses third party cookies for tracking : The data privacy was still questionable and hence FLoc has come so individual users won’t be tracked. 
    • Its basically like : Advertisers now won’t target individuals but cohorts : People with smiliar interest and browsing history. 
    • Some cohorts would ve restricted :
      • Personal hardships
      • Identity and belief
      • Sexual interests
      • Access to opportunity
  • Duck duck go is blocking googles FLoc because it claims Google has forced it into people and still there are privacy concerns there
  • Eliminator Plugin Add Ons has many vulnerabilities:
    • Almost every plug in that comes as an add on with the eliminator has some vulnerability in it. 
  • Schema markup validator : Finally a replacement for structured data testing tool
    • This can test all structured datas. Even the ones that aren’t supported by google
  • Author links : It’s generally a best practice to make a social profile like Twitter or a central location to which the author links to in all his pieces. 
  • Jet pack boost for core web vitals :
    • Optimize CSS loading
    • Defer non essential java script
    • Lazy image loadinf

February 2021 SEO News


  • Discovery Traffic will be Inconsistent : That’s it’s nature
  • Optimizing for Discovery Traffic:
    • Timely : Something that’s very current
    • Trustworthy:
      • Information About Author, Organization and Publisher and other contact information
    • Having Compelling Large Quality Images:
      • Images that have the size of 1200 px
    • E-A-T : Expertise, Authoritative and Trustworthy
  • Deleting Comments can Cause Loss of Rankings:
    • Comments are considered part of the main content and if the comments are valuable : Adds value to the overall main content then removing will have definite loss of rankings
  • Google Shopping : Google taking action against websites with inaccurate pricings
    • If there are price mismatch between the price listed in Google Merchant center and the price displayed in checkout page : Then you have hidden prices and this will not be tolerated by google
  • “About This Result” Feature in SERP:
    • Now user’s can check information about the site that is listed in the SERP’s
    • This information (About a particular website) is taken from wikipedia 
    •  if your website doesn’t have a Wikipedia description then google will display information from when it first indexed your site : This is for trust worthiness
  • Google adds 12 new types of manual action penalties for news and discover 
    • What the penalty would be?  It’s still unclear. 
    • Must provide clear bylines, information about authors and publication, the publisher, company or the network behind it and contact information
    • Google discover penalty
      • For having misleading information 
      • adult themed information. 
      • Vulgar language or profanity
  • Tags on search rankings :
    • Using tags doesn’t directly impact SEO but tags could potentially help Google find other pages of the website that’s similar to the one it’s on
    • Is it important to have? Maybe if you have a lot of old pages that aren’t categorized yet. 
  • Creating a website with Gutenberg editor has so many advantages
    • Lighter HTML code
    • Faster website
    • Easy to create pages
    • “WP-rocket’s website” Was redesigned using this and the performance skyrocketed
    • Thin Content : Having small articles itself is not a negative ranking factor in itself. Google looks for value in the content. Short answers and blogs are fine as long as the page answers the user’s query.
      • Google looks for the best result not the longest result
    • Web stories : Not all the web stories that we publish gets displayed in Google discover carousel
      • How long does it take for web stories to get displayed in the discovery tab? Depends. We just have to wait for google to crawl and index them.
      • We cannot optimize for web stories also. These can be unpredictable and we can’t depend on these sources of traffic
      • One can potentially use AMP testing tool to check the validity of the story
    • Press Release: How google treats them : Press releases are pieces of content that gets republished across many websites and google acknowledges that and treats PR differently (Ranks them a bit lower)’’’
    • Google’s passage based ranking is live : 
      • This will go into effect for longer unstructured content
    • Google Core Web Vitals : Google had first mentioned the metrics for LCP,FID and CLS has to be (less than <) the ideal need. Now they have changed it to (<= less than or equal to) the ideal metric used
      • Sites that meet all the core web vitals requirement even get a badge indicating to the user that the site is completely optimized for user experience
    • Google Search Console : Is updated with new associations page
      • Associations is a connection between Search console property and a property in another Google service
    • There is NO SEO benefit to adding a audio version of text posts
  • Sites don’t get removed permanently from google index
  • Google Analytics is stopping collecting data from youtube channels
  • Google discovery traffic from chrome new tab : will also be included in Google search console report from now.
  • Google adds more info about domains in search results : This is a beta test version 
    • This is just to make sure the sources are reliable
  • Event Structured Data : All of the required structured data must be present
    • Offers.PriceCurrency Property is a required property


  • Number of backlinks does not matter to google. One good quality relevant link can be worth more than millions of low quality links
  • Natural Backlinks :
    • Build and tell approach : John Mueller has mentioned the importance of self promotion. As in build something that people want’s to read and tell “people who are more likely to link to such content”
    • Basically they are referring to outreach.


  • WordPress 5.6.1 pops up ” The changes you made may not be saved” Error message when trying to navigate through editing pages and post
    • There’s a temporary solution has been posted. 
  • WordPress : Bugs detected in Ninja Forms Plugins : Million sites affected!
  • WordPress is planning to boot all pirated themes and plugins
  • Website Architecture : John Mueller Recommends Pyramid Site Structure 

Local SEO:

  • GMB is rolling out messaging on desktop to all accounts by March. 

December-January 2020-2021 SEO News:


  • Google doesn’t crawl structured data for learning more about the page
  • Many SEOs have been thinking that using more structured data : even the unsupported ones would be useful because Google would maybe understand the page better but it doesn’t
    • Google doesn’t read unsupported structured data so stop wasting your time
  • Types of domains
    • New top level domains ( n-TLD) : . Tool,. Job, . Shopping
    • Country code top level domains cc-TLD
    • sponsored top level domain : .edu, . Mill
  • There are no benefits to having keywords in new top level domain (n-TLD) and n-TLD will be treated equally from an SEO stand point as the other TLDs
  • Google has released a core algorithm update : December 2020 core update
  • Core web vitals (CWV) 
  • Adding AMPs are an easy way to get a high core web vitals score
  • Slow servers and un optimized images can affect the core web vitals
  • No indexed pages can be used to calculate the core web vitals
    • Google takes a group if pages and evaluated the core web vitals that’s representative of the entire site
    • So having slow pages that are deliberately no indexed should be handled! 
    • Core web vitals are about user experience and no indexed pages can still be accesses by users right? 
    • Page grouping is an good option to let Google know about important pages and this could be made available later. 
  • Core Web Vitals ( Page experience signal) is a ranking signal yet keyword/content relevance is a stronger ranking factor. Which implies content is still the king
  • Google doesn’t turn a blind eye to misinformation : It penalizes pages with misleading information
  • Myth : Black hat SEO can be used in adult sites. They get a pass. John Muller specifically said adult sites don’t get a pass
  • Hreflang can be implement via two ways : Sitemaps and on page ( source code) 
    • And if both these have conflicting signals Google will combine those signals together! 
    • Google doesn’t prioritize. 
    • If there comes a scenario where Google have real conflicting situation : it would drop the signal
  • Google is testing interactive SERPs:
    • Theres a small icon in the search result which when touched brings up images from that site. 
    • This could determine the CTRs. 
  • Google can refine/filter out sensitive ad topics in Ad Settings
    • Basically users can now limit a particular ad type that they want to see. 
  • Sites with adult content won’t show rich results
  • Paywall structured markup :
    • It is used for sites that put content behind a paywall ( Payment plan) 
    • What’s the use? : Now featured snippets can be shown from paywalled content if implemented correctly
    • If paywall markup isn’t used google might think the hidden content is cloaked. 
    • Paywall markup needs to be visible to the google bot but not necessarily the users : generally google wants us to make it visible to both users and bots. 
    • Test this using google rich results test
  • Structured Data test tool will be moved to schema.Org in April 2021 and can be used to test unsupported structured data as well
  • Keyword Heavy Titles And Descriptions:
    • Keyword heavy titles and descriptions are not against google’s policy
    • But meta descriptions are better for improving CTRs rather than improving rankings. 
  • If a page has too many ads : These would be violated
    • Page layout algorithm ( Too many ads above the fold) 
    • Page speed algorithm
    • Core web vitals
  • But bad UX pages can still rank if they are extremely relevant
  • Google doesn’t remove pages solely for bad UX. 
  • Duplicate content is not always bad:
    • Originality doesn’t always mean relevant
    • It means it doesn’t matter if you copy a content as long as you add more value to it and make the page more relevant
  • SERP watch:
    • Search Intent : search intent can change over time and trends can be fluid. 
    • So check your target keywords SERPs and see which kind of content ranks more and if there’s any change in trends. 
  • Core Web Vitals : All the three must be optimized for Core web vitals metric to give a ranking boost.


    • It didn’t break anything
    • Came with a ton of new security measures. 
    • It has updated the Jquery migrate plugin
    • And they support PHP 8 version as well
    • One bad thing : Rest API authentication with application password feature opens up a vulnerability that could be used by hackers
  • Contact form 7 Vulnerability in over 5 million websites. 
    • This plugin allowed web shells to be uploaded which enabled the user to upload scripts to take over the website
    • This was fixed With a security update
  • Look out for long tail keywords or location based keywords for easy ranking opportunities
  • Embedded Videos have the same SEO value as uploaded content.
  • Three major threat for WordPress:
    • Malware from Pirated Themes and Plugins
    • Malicious Login Attempts
    • Vulnerability exploits


  • So you wrote a piece of content and built alot of links. What now? Why aren’t you ranking? 
    • Search Intent : Your content Must address this to rank well
    • Content optimization : Marketing Muse, clearscope : Gives you content score : based on SERP analysis and word count n topic research
    • Quality links:
      • Links from new domains
      • Highly trusted site
      • Domain with real traffic and users
      • Doesn’t contain no follow, UGC or  attribute
  • Focus on unique domains that are trusted in your niche. 


  • XML sitemaps importance:
  • How often each page is updates : last changed specifications
  • Importance of each pages in relation to each other
  • An XML sitemap could just be a list of your websites URLs
  • But implementing a full XML sitemap is essential for implementing HREFLANG
  • Submitting a sitemap doesn’t guarantee that the pages would be indexed. 
  • Prioritize high quality content in sitemaps
  • Canonical tags are used to avoid duplicate content right? Use only the canicalized version (url) and not all the urls
  • Generally use robot meta over robot. Txt as in use no index meta tags for no indexing pages
  • Robots.txt should only be used when low quality pages are eating up your crawl budget and you have problems indexing important pages! 
  • Create Dynamic sitemaps: where you can automatic rules to assign indexing or no indexing to pages. 
  • Using RSS/ Atom feeds which would help both users and search engines to identify and index fresh content. 


  • Google Maps receives 4 major updates
    • Verified business profiles can now message customers from inside the app
    • Customers can even start a conversation from a post
    • There are new performance Insights metrics to get more data for deeper Insights
    • Posts will show up in community tab from the businesses you follow and the business in food industry
    • Users will soon be able to contribute to street view maps
  • Google is expanding live busyness information to more places 
    • Restaurants, parks, beaches n in so much more areas


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