Three month’s ago, you happened to me,
I was happy.. but empty
You filled me up,
You took me to the top.. just to drop me,
And even when I was falling,
All I could think of was how good you felt..
It scared me,
How you could let go of me when i could never let go of you,
I was so happy that you caught me before I hit the ground,
But this time you took me up too high
And you let me go again.. 
But this time I didn’t fall..
I was floating in the empty darkness.
I felt so calm..
Too freaking calm – it felt numb,
Day by Day, i drift into the infinite darkness,
And yet i can’t stop thinking about how good we felt,
Love is a mad man’s game.
Blood taught me patience,
World taught me faith,
And here I am with a heart full of faith
And a soul full of love
Waiting for you to break my heart again.
No one get’s the part of me
That i gave you
And yet it didn’t matter.
I fought for us but you gave up.
I might not find love again.. not this kind.
And it’s .. okay..
Let me go.. the stars are calling!

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