Science states that “Hard Work is only 20-25% of the equation for success

This might be shocking because we have been thought for a very long time that ” Working hard is the key”

Yes it is, but it’s not the only key! There’s always more to the equation that people often over look.

There’s  more factors like prudence, organization, perfectionism and so on.

Have you ever worked so hard on something and still fail? I have been there. Like I worked unimaginably hard and it added up to almost nothing.

Just look around you, you can find endless people working so hard all their lives and not getting ahead! Atall!

Why do you think that is?

And in this article, let’s see why ” Hard work isn’t the answer”




If everyone had a map to the place that they want to reach in life, wouldn’t everyone be successful? 


This world is filled with people who run really hard in a random direction hoping it’s the right one” 

Can you relate? 

Of course the future is uncertain but we can drastically reduce that u certainly in this world with the infinite number of resources that we have!

From books to videos to blogs to podcasts to social media forums : we can literally connect and learn from people who are living a life that you desire! 

Be smart : Find the right directions. Get your map before you start working hard!




Your life would be filled with different kinds of conflicts!

Conflicts are the important reason for stress and sadness

And there’s never a one right answer for all the different kinds of conflicts that we would face in our lives.

This is exactly why having varied strategies would help!




We as a population are brain-washed into thinking : If we could sit and invest 10 hours a day or more into doing “something”, you’ll get there

” Always hustle!

  I can work harder than you! I am better than you

 Work hard and you can get anything you want”

Basically what they say is “ Get the required things done”


If I want to start a successful marketing agency : I should focus more on closing bigger deals. Get that goal done!

I could work 40-50 hours a week perfectly helping small business for years but is that productive? 

20% of your work leads to 80% of your results! 

Just ask yourself at the end of every week ” How close are you to your goal now?”

If the answer is the same for many weeks : Then you are not productive. 




If you ask me Self Awareness is the key”

When you work hard : You are not in touch with your feelings. 

This leads to so many mental health problems! From feeling empty to depression to regrets.

A research states that about 80 % of human population don’t even know themselves.

This means we lie to ourselves on a constant basis. 

Knowing what you actually value in life and what drives you to do the things you do can help you understand yourself better.

Steve Jobs said ” All the weath and work that I took so much pride in seemed meaningless in the face of death”

So, what actually adds meaning to your life?

Do you have the right goals?

Would you regret your life if you continue to go down the path that you are going? 

Are you happy? What are the things that makes your life balanced? What fears do you have?

Take your time to get to know yourself : Then you can set your goals and find you map. Then you can work hard!

Once you have 

  • Self awareness 
  • Proper map to your goals
  • Found your productivity

Now you need 3 more things to succeed :


Having a mentor is one of the most recommended way to move ahead in your path. 

Mentors guides you to avoid basic mistakes that would save your years of your time!


Gary Vee states that “People lack patience in this world”

And that is absolutely true. 

Here’s a simple example : How many people in this world desire to have a decent/ good body?

How many of them actually do? 

Great work requires patience and consistency. This might sound obvious : But are you doing it? 

All you have to do is : “Do it and keep doing it”


Community’s whole purpose is to engage with alot of like minded people and share knowledge and experiences with each other.

Community nourishes us : it keeps us going.

Humans are social beings. It would be harder to walk your path alone. Why not find friends that are in the same journey as you?

Community can make your journey more fun and would help you find Influencial people who can further become your mentor!

Imagine this now : HARDWORK is the only key?

Now you know better.

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