Why India needs a Batman

Human brains are designed to survive and that’s why everyone runs the other way!

Law’s don’t make a difference

Crime rapes are increasing over the year’s even with strong law’s in place

People are slaves to money and pleasure

This is the root cause of all evil. Money and Pleasure can buy people in this world.

Rapists and murderer’ don’t listen to words

They are deeply mentally disturbed and are victims of this society

Standing together is impossible?

We are either scared or too busy to give a shit about these.

Violence has been serving injustice from the dawn of time. Why can’t it be used to serve justice for once?

Too extreme for a country which gained it’s independence through non-violence?

Well, look how that turned out? A nation filled with pedophiles, rapists, murderer’s, human trafficer’s and corrupt officials (Not all).

Every single day, a lot of innocent people become the victims of violence, why shouldn’t the assholes start becoming the victims for once?!


Its been proven time to time that laws don’t make much difference when it comes to the deep darkness that exist in this world

Rapes never stop. More than 2.6 million small innocent girls are being kidnapped and is used as slaves and sex workers in this county that call home.

Criminal’s literally laugh at our laws and every single minute that passes, someone is being raped, murdered, harassed, used or tortured.

There are law’s for murder’s, rapes and everything wrong with the society, but why doesn’t the darkness ever leave?


People are scared to raise their voice because they are scared of losing their lives. 

Good peoples actions are dictated by fear but shouldn’t it be the opposite? Criminals and perverts are the ones that needs to be scared. Right?

Clearly no one is there to do that because corruption exists in every level of this country and we are all slaves to money and pleasure. And in the process, the weak souls tend to become the victims. Right?

Law’s are meant to induce fear in criminals but it has been failing horribly and that’s because of corruption!


Am pretty sure most of you don’t care and the rest of you are scared for your lives.

Our country so desperately needs a hero figure. Someone who is fearless and serves justice with force!

And the right people who have the strongest drives are the families and the loved ones of the victims of these crimes.

If we remove corruption out of this world, 90% of the problem is already solved. 

  • They get bribes from pimps who traffic’s children
  • They get bribes from murderers
  • They get bribes from corrupt politicians
  • Even people get bribes to stay silent!

Will the world ever be free of crimes? Yes,But Only fear can make this happen.

You think there’ll be these many crimes going on if all the criminals were brutally punished?

Rich or poor alike? Men or Women alike! There’s no bailing out or bribing. There’s no loop holes! No human right’s to hide behind. Just punishment!


You think these pedophiles and rapists and murderers listen to words? They are deeply mentally disturbed and them-self are a victim of this society.

I do feel sorry for them but if they are capable of harming people and inspiring more such crimes, they need to be taken care of, don’t you think?

Putting them in jails and trying to force logic into their heads might make them more disturbed.

We all live in a happy world where crimes and injustice is just another post or a story in our social media news feeds.


“Men made a world where standing together is impossible”

Why’s that? Because there’s absolutely no trust between us. And since we are scared to stand alone and we are incapable of standing together, change never really happens!


Your opinions matter more than ever now!Its just a matter of time that the people we love becomes a victim of one of these crimes.

We shouldn’t wait around for that right? Let’s take the fight to them!

Won’t this nation be better if there was a powerful force hunting these criminal’s and enforcing justice and law that we people are failing to do so?!

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